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NEPTUNE TAPE CO., LTD. was founded in 1995 and was consisted of members who were in this field for many years. Our Production Departments are located in Yangzhou. The later was established in 2006 in China with four large factories and many production lines. We are able to export 30 pieces of 20-feet containers per month so far. Our sales Department is located in Taipei County, Taiwan, operate marketing and service. Our market includes Europe, America, and Mid-East all over the world.
We specialized in manufacturing double side adhesive tape of Bag Sealing Tape, Permanent Sealing Tape. From the time being, we have been devoting to inventing Security Tapes series products、Boos Tapes series products. Successive Boos Tape Dispenser and Boos-refill Dispenser for six years, and have achieved remarkable success. The sales department consists of three groups in order to manage such numerous users from different walk of life.

All of these security products are concerning the trend of future adhesive tapes industry market, and accommodate users in different environment. These new security products attracted many people during exhibition shows, and have already increased sales order from day to day.
Although we set up within these few years, our excellent quality and products brought us good reputation all over the country.

It will be a great honor to be a part of the member of making adhesive tape; we will do our best and join this business with our effort.

We are a manufacture of Resealable Bag Sealing Tape & Permanent sealing tapes in Shanghai, China and head office in Taiwan. Please inform the details specification you need to ask an offer, and we will check the best prices upon your request.

Our Products:
  • Resealable sealing tape for plastic bags
  • Permanent sealing tape for courier bags
  • Successive boos tape dispenser
  • Boos-refill dispenser
  • Boos tape
  • Partial pattern transfer boos tape
  • Memo tape
  • Partial pattern transfer security tape with right-hand side and left-hand side glue for plastic bags
  • Partial pattern transfer security tape for cartons and boxes sealing tape
  • Total transfer security tape for envelopes
  • Total transfer security tape for cartons and boxes sealing tape
  • Partial pattern transfer security tape with central glue for plastic bags
  • Security film without glue

Security Tape Manufacturer

NEPTUNE TAPE CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer of Security Tape and Resealable Bag Sealing Tape in Taiwan.  We mainly provide Adhesive Tape, Total Transfer Security Tape for Carton Sealing, Partial/Total Transfer Security Label and Permanent Tape.  In addition, our company also offers OPP Tape, Boos Tape, Sealing Tape, Packing Tape and Successive Boos Tape Dispenser with high quality.  Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for professional Security Labels, Memo Tape and Customized Tape.

Main Product: